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Applications for asylum, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave, or protection from trafficking are amongst the most delicate applications as they involve a serious risk to life and a need to be protected from the unthinkable.

At SMA, we understand the importance of dealing with these applications properly from the very beginning. What is said during the course of an asylum interview needs to be checked once a transcript is received. SMA often sees situations where clients misunderstood the question or where the interviewer incorrectly recorded the answer. At SMA, we deal with such issues before they become a problem by immediately contacting the Home Office to correct their records. This can often by the difference between a winning and losing an asylum appeal.

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Asylum Solicitor & Asylum Protection

London Asylum Solicitor

SMA has a vast network of experts, including medical and country experts, who are able to assist in preparing detailed reports about your country of origin to show the Home Office (or a Judge) why your claim must succeed and why you would be at risk if returned to your home country. Our team of immigration solicitors offers expert legal advice, representation, and support for asylum seekers, fresh claims, and family immigration applications.

At SMA Solicitors, we deal with the full range of asylum and protection claims ranging from countries over the world, some fearing returning to their birth countries because of problems they have had with their families, blood feuds, on the basis of their sexuality or because they fear their very own government. We strive to provide comprehensive assistance to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Contact us for guidance on your asylum application.

Asylum and protection claims involve various stages and it is crucial that your case is prepared in such a thorough way that the Home Office or a Judge is able to see how each piece of evidence fits the puzzle.

If you have a reason to fear returning to your home country and want to apply for asylum / protection in the United Kingdom or, if you have had your claim refused and want to understand what your next steps are to challenge the Home Office’s decision, please get in touch and a member of our experienced team will help you.

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