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When managing matters of banking, immigration, civil litigation and family law, only the best will do. 

The outcomes of these processes can define your life’s journey in the most fundamental sense, which is why SMA Law is comprised of expert lawyers for who compassion is at the heart of our rugged professionalism.

Our leading team specialises in a wide range of legal pursuits. Whatever your goal, be that processing immigration paperwork, securing a UK visa, or proceeding with a divorce in the cleanest manner possible; we’re here to help you and advocate for your interests at every level.

When managing matters of banking, immigration, civil litigation and family law, only the best will do. 

Family Law

Family law focuses on issues that can often feel terse and emotionally turbulent to experience. That’s why our reassuring and compassionate lawyers make sure to centre your interests in everything we do.

From divorce and separation to pre and post-nuptial arrangements and disputes, handling inheritance disputes or child residence arrangements – we care for the person behind the case and ensure these matters close with the fairest possible outcome for all.


Civil Litigation

No one is free from suffering conflicts or disputes, which is why we at SMA Law practice a diligent and conscientious service to guarantee that your side is heard.

From disputes with your landlord or tenant to unfair business agreements and contractual disagreements with prior partners, no matter the issue our expertise will ensure you find a reliable path forward.


The UK welcomes foreign investment and even business premises relocations, but finding the right permissions can be a laborious process. That’s why our skilled commercial lawyers are here to provide a clear path through business immigration regulations, allowing you to conduct business and pay taxes to the correct authority. 

We can also help you gain your passes if relocating as an individual professional for work purposes, provided you have a proven job offer.

UK Visas

Are you aiming for permanent residency or the path to UK citizenship? Our comprehensive legal assistance and advice can help you make that dream a reality. 

With up-to-the-minute advice and helping you navigate the complex realities of a post-Brexit world, we can ensure you’re welcomed into the UK with open arms.


Are you planning to visit the UK for recreation or spend time with your loved ones? 

Our immigration lawyers can help you through the application process for attaining a personal visa, helping you travel unimpeded and to make the most of your journey; exactly when you hope to make it.


Immigration isn’t solely the focus of residency and citizenship but also relates to holidays, obtaining personal vias, and even relocating commercial offices. 

At SMA Law, we’re equipped to handle every immigration need.

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