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Deportation process UK is not simply the process whereby a person who does not have a visa is removed from the United Kingdom (a common misconception used by the media) but it in fact relates to a situation where a person, who may or may not have leave to remain in the United Kingdom, has been convicted of a crime considered by the Secretary of State for the Home Department to be sufficiently serious to pose a danger to the public or in which the public interest requires this person to be removed from British society.

Deportation proceedings usually carry conflicting interests. On the one hand, the Government is pressing to remove someone it labels as a “foreign criminal” and, on the other hand, there is often a much deeper story to be told. Many of our clients come to us with deep-rooted ties to this country, either because they have been here for most of their lives or because they have developed family lives, often with British partners and British child.

More often than not, the job of the Tribunal Judge hearing a deportation case is to balance the competing interests mentioned above.

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common questions about deportation

Deportation from the UK can be a distressing and complex process, often raising numerous questions and concerns. At SMA Law, our expertise in the immigration and deportation process allows us to guide individuals through this challenging journey with empathy, professionalism, and unwavering support.

What Is Deportation?

Deportation refers to the legal process by which individuals are required to leave the UK due to various reasons, including but not limited to visa violations, criminal convictions, or national security concerns. It’s a critical aspect of immigration law, necessitating careful navigation to ensure fair treatment and adherence to legal rights.

Navigating the Deportation Process

The deportation process involves several stages, including Home Office investigations, legal hearings, and potential appeals. Understanding one’s rights, legal options, and potential grounds for appeal is crucial in these situations. SMA Law solicitors have a comprehensive understanding of the UK deportation process, enabling us to effectively guide individuals facing deportation proceedings.

How can i get Expertise and Compassionate Support?

Our team comprises top immigration lawyers in London with in-depth knowledge of deportation law. We are committed to providing clear, tailored advice, ensuring our clients comprehend their situation and available legal pathways. Our empathetic approach allows us to support individuals during an emotionally challenging time.

SMA Solicitors are ready to provide assistance with deportation in the UK to advise you in respect of the legal options you have open to you. Broadly speaking, the exceptions to deportation under the Immigration Rules (paragraphs 398, 399, and 399A of the Rules are):

  1. The individual has a genuine and subsisting parental relationship with a British child under the age of 18 or the child has lived in the United Kingdom for at least 7 years before the immigration decision and, in any case, it would be unduly harsh for the child to live in another country or remain in the United Kingdom without that parent;
  2. The individual has a genuine and subsisting relationship with a partner who is British or settled, that relationship was formed at a time when the individual was in the United Kingdom lawfully and their status was not precarious. In addition to this, you will need to show that it would be unduly harsh for your partner to live in the country you are being deported to or to live in the United Kingdom without you.

How SMA Law Can Help?

Our expertise extends beyond legal representation; we strive to empower individuals facing deportation by advocating for their rights, offering strategic advice, and meticulously preparing their cases. We aim to navigate the legal complexities and provide reassurance and clarity throughout the process.

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Deportation issues require urgent attention and comprehensive legal support. If you or someone you know is facing deportation from the UK, contact us today for expert legal guidance. Our commitment is to ensure fairness, protect your rights, and offer support every step of the way during this intricate legal process.

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