If you are now living as an illegal immigrant in the UK then you may be feeling a bit anxious. Living illegally has many challenges and you may be afraid to ask how you can stay legally. Discussing your status with the wrong people can make things worse for you.

The good news is that even if you are currently in the UK without permission, or even if your permission stay has expired, you can rectify this and gain legal status.

How to Become Legal in the UK

You may be granted permission to stay in the UK if it would be difficult to go back to your country. If you have no connections such as family and friends and if the government will not let you return then an application to stay in the UK may be considered. Another option is to prove that returning to your country would be dangerous and that you would be persecuted or even killed.

If you can prove that you have ties in the UK then your application may also be considered. Having a British partner or an EEA citizen can help you.

Having children in the UK is also helpful. If they happen to be British citizens and have been in the UK for more than 7 years then you have a good chance of being permitted to stay. 

If you have an expired visa that you got through a partner who has become abusive you could be granted permission to stay in the UK.

Children Living Illegally in the UK

If you have children that are living in the UK illegally with you, it is important to find out if you can also apply to get them permission to stay. If they’re not registered to become a British citizen or to get leave to remain they will face problems. 

The best time to apply is when they are under 18 because processing the application will be easier. Legality means that your child will be able to access education beyond the age of 16 and be eligible to work if they get legal residence.

Get Help

The best way to get help is to seek advice from an immigration specialist. Getting advice from a specialist is confidential so do not be fearful about them revealing your status to someone.

An expert in immigration law can assist you with filing all the documents that you need. This saves you time in the long run because if you don’t fill out the forms correctly the immigration process may be delayed. The sooner you get the process started especially when you have children the better your chances are of having a successful application.

If you need legal help for immigration and asylum cases contact the experts in immigration law at SMA Solicitors for help. Having a legal expert on your side will make all the difference in whether your application is successful or not.

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