What is an Immigration Solicitor ?

An immigration solicitor provides legal services relating to immigration in the UK to anyone who needs it, immigrant or otherwise. They will assess each individual case regarding eligibility and requirements in order to find the best legal solution. An immigration solicitor will have experience in immigration law in the UK, nationality, corporate and business visas, asylum, and EEA law. They can also provide advice on other immigration issues such as marriage and civil partnership.

What services does an immigration solicitor offer?

An immigration solicitor can offer services based on all aspects of immigration law. These can be relating to UK or EEA law, and international restrictions and regulations. Here are some examples of the types of areas where an immigration solicitor can provide expertise.

Entry clearance applications

An immigration solicitor will deal with entry clearance applications for a number of different situations. These can include business visas in general, but also domestic workers and partners and children of overseas workers. They can also organise entry clearance for a number of officials such as government overseas workers, members of the press, religious ministers, and airport staff.


Immigration solicitors can also assist in visa applications from Tiers 1-5. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information to find out which visa is suitable for your unique situation. As well as providing a visa for the visiting person, they will also be able to go through the process for their family members and spouses.

Immigration lawyers can also assist with all other types of visa applications to the UK such as visit visas, spouse visas etc.

Asylum and protection

Immigration solicitors also deal with claims for asylum and many other human rights issues. They protect those who are seeking asylum in the UK as a refugee. An immigration solicitor will help refugees with their application and ensure they get the process completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

EEA applications

After Brexit takes effect, EEA citizens will need to apply for residency in the UK. An immigration solicitor can provide advice and assistance with this. They also offer this service to the family members of European citizens. An immigration solicitor can provide all the necessary information regarding Brexit, and any changes to immigration in the UK regarding EU law.

UK nationality and citizenship law

Immigration solicitors are experts in all aspects of UK nationality and citizenship law. They can also assist in a range of different types of applications for UK citizenship. These include naturalisation as a British citizen, registration as a British citizen, British citizen by descent, and otherwise.

There are also business immigration lawyerthat can help you comply with complex business immigration laws. As immigration laws and procedures are constantly changing, businesses rely on experienced legal expertise to help navigate the complex systems of immigration laws, regulations and treaties.

These are just some of the services an immigration solicitor can offer. They also help with any immigration-related issue and are there to provide friendly advice to those who need it in stressful times. It’s part of an immigration solicitor’s job to keep their clients informed around their case and the status of it.

An immigration solicitor can provide you with all the support you need, whether you’re an immigrant in the UK or someone you know is. If you would like more advice about immigration in the UK, contact us today.

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