Permission to bring Judicial Review Proceedings…

Permission to bring judicial review proceedings granted in a paragraph 353 fresh claim judicial review

The Upper Tribunal has granted permission to bring judicial review proceedings following an application on the papers for our Afghan client who had received threats from the Taliban. Whilst the Secretary of State had accepted that the Taliban had threatened him, she did not accept that he remained at risk. We drafted further submissions in this case and provided an expert report from our trusted panel. On reading grounds of review drafted by Mr Jay Gajjar of Imperium Chambers and the expert report, the Upper Tribunal granted permission for judicial review on the basis “it was irrational and unlawful for the Respondent to conclude that the fresh evidence taken together with that previously considered did not create a reasonable prospect of success before a different First-tier Tribunal Judge.”

Entry clearance as a spouse or partner of a British citizen

Entry clearance as a spouse or partner of a British citizen

If you want to enter the UK and you have a partner in the country at present, you may be wondering more about your rights and how to make an application for the entrance clearance. Below, we will reveal everything you need to know about getting entrance clearance as a...

How to Win an Immigration Appeal

How to Win an Immigration Appeal

The United Kingdom (UK) is known for its strict immigration rules. Besides, the country has one of the most complex immigration rules, which explains why most UK visa applications get denied. Nevertheless, with a Right of Appeal, you can have the decision overturned....

How Can an Illegal Immigrant Become Legal in the UK?

If you are now living as an illegal immigrant in the UK then you may be feeling a bit anxious. Living illegally has many challenges and you may be afraid to ask how you can stay legally. Discussing your status with the wrong people can make things worse for you. The...

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