What Happens if you get Caught Working Illegally in the UK?

Between 594,000 and 745,000 people work in the UK illegally. Some people have arrived on UK soil illegally, while others have expired legal status. If either of these are the case then there is a chance of deportation or prison time. Working in the UK can be stressful and risky, but options are available. Talk confidentially to an immigration lawyer if you are worried about your status. 

What Happens if you are caught working illegally in the UK by Immigration?

If you have arrived in the UK illegally or your legal status has expired but you are still working, you are at risk of incurring a fine, prison time or deportation. There are also factors such as difficulty obtaining health treatments and the everyday stresses of living illegally in a country. Still, there are ways you can work with the authorities to maintain employment and earn money.    

The Problem of Getting Caught 

In recent years the UK has toughened its rules on illegal immigration in the UK introducing stringent sentences and fines for illegal workers as well as those involved. If someone is caught arriving in the UK without clearance, they could go to prison for four years. Criminal action can also be taken against any UK citizens involved, such as employers and people driving boats.  

Living and working illegally in the UK limits many options, creates difficulties, and leads to exploitation by companies willing to risk migrant employment. Companies hiring illegal workers can be fined substantially if caught, but there are also risks for the migrant worker themselves. An illegal worker in the UK is subject to a six-month prison sentence, fine, or deportation. 

Options After Getting Caught 

If you are caught working illegally in the UK then you might be detained by authorities. The risks of jail time, fines and deportation are high, so it’s wise to consult a top immigration lawyer in London. However, there are still options under these circumstances. For instance, an illegal worker could be allowed to stay and continue earning if it is difficult to return to the country. 

There are several options for an illegal immigrant UK but it’s best to talk to a London immigration lawyer about your options if you are detained. An illegal worker might be facing deportation or prison time, but a “voluntary return” order is also a possibility. With a voluntary return order the government helps a migrant pay for safe passage back to their home country without a fine.     

More Options for Illegal Migrants

Illegal migrant workers can remain in the UK and continue working if they can’t return to their home country for political or employment reasons. You may also stay in the UK if you have lived in the country for over 20 years or if you have a partner here with a legal right to stay. If you’re worried about your legal status you can contact a confidential business immigration lawyer

Unfortunately, some people have few options other than to travel to the UK and find work illegally; others might be working illegally because their legal status has expired. If caught, an illegal worker is subject to a fine or prison time, so consult an immigration lawyer to find out about your options.

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